While Repiping is one of the most expensive project you might undertake in your home, it is probably also one of the most important ones. Delaying or just ignoring problems with your pipes is just waiting for a disaster to happen. A broken pipe is a nighmare for most people, which is why our customers chose to repipe their homes in Bellevue to prevent any future damages.

Bel-Red Plumbing has been serving the Bellevue and Redmond area for over a decade and have gained the expertise to handle all plumbing problems, such as repiping.

Here are some reason to replace your existing pipes:

– Frequent leaks or broken pipes
– Poor water pressure in the house
– Increasing the value of your home
– Discolored water or unusual taste

There many different pipes and materials available these days, one of them being copper pipes. We at Bel-Red Plummbing are experts when it comes to work with copper. Our plumbing experts also work with CPVC (Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride) and PEX (Cross Linked Polyethylene), so if you’d like to go the cost effective way, but still install pipes that are as reliable as Copper pipes, then we give you that option as well.

Most older homes built until the early 60’s contain galvanized steelpipes, and due to their poor quality and 40 year life expectancy, it is recommended that they be replaced as soon as possible to avoid any problems. Some of the problems with galvanized steel pipes is that their surfaces corrodes over time and the flakey buildup can reduce water pressure. They are also very prone to leaks and bursting.

We recommend that anyone that still has steel pipes consider replacing them with one of the above mentioned alternatives.

If you have unusual water color or odor, reduced water pressure or are just fed up with broken pipes, then it might be time to replace those old pipes. Call Bellevue Plumber and we’ll help you make the right desicision.